Electronet Broadband Communications, better known as Electronet, was founded in 1996 and is locally owned and operated in Tallahassee, Florida. Electronet became one of Tallahassee’s earliest Internet Service Providers and the first ISP dedicated to serving the local business community. Today Electronet is one of the largest commercial ISP’s in Florida’s Big Bend region, providing Internet services to the corporate, professional and governmental markets. Our clients includes local, regional, national and internationally based organizations. Certified as a CLEC in the state of Florida, voice and data communications and Internet are the focus of our operation.

Our Services Include

Our survival of the growth and bust of the dot com era, along with the telecom industry shakeout, is the result of prudent yet progressive planning for Internet services. We take the same prudent and progressive approach for each client, customizing their Internet communications to serve them at the highest level. We expect excellence and work to exceed our clients expectations.


Electronet is has no current network issues.


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